When it's crucial to keep things cold, call on The Ice Butler.

We retail ice in every form including packaged ice, block ice, and dry ice.

Bagged Ice

Our ice is manufactured according to food safety practices.  We perform daily water tests and undergo inspections by the Chester County Health Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  The Ice Butler is a member of the Northeastern Ice Association.  

Our bagged ice:

Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and has a temperature of -109.3 F.  It has many uses in the manufacturing, food, medical, and agricultural industries.  In a small insulated container, five to seven pounds of dry ice will last 24 hours.  Add approximately five pounds per additional 24-hour period.

We sell dry ice by the pound with a five-pound minimum for pickup orders and a 40-pound minimum for local delivery.  Call for delivery charges.

We sell dry ice in:

Block Ice

Clinebell Carving Blocks

Once you carve one of these, you will never want to carve any other type of block ice again.  Great for ice sculptures and ice luges, our clinebell carving blocks are of the highest quality.  These blocks are crystal clear with no white feather in the center.  They weigh approximately 250 pounds and measure 20″ wide by 40″ tall by 10″ deep.  We delivery these in a box for easy handling and to protect the surface.

Keg blocks:

Ice luges:

Freezer Rentals

Rent freezer space for events of all sizes, or for short-term and long-term construction sites.  We offer discounted rental rates with the purchase of ice.  Please call for pricing.

Our freezer rental options:

We also sell...

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